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We believe in strong, true and close partnerships. Not just working together. Choosing for each other: connected in values, beliefs, wishes and dreams. Then working together becomes effortless and everything runs smoothly.

We take on larger projects with these people and use their specific expertise for a broader customized program.

Dr. Annemieken Van Reepingen

Annemieken is particularly complementary to our team. A general practitioner and psychologist, she has led her own practice since 1996 and is one of the founders of equine coaching in Belgium. From these various fields, she strengthened her experience in coaching, therapy and medicine, especially in the field of prevention and treatment of burnout and leadership development with the horses. 

Together with Nadja, she wrote the book “Komt een paard in de boardroom” and this co-creation also ran like clockwork.

Her e-book about ‘burn-out’ is for free, available on our Academy.

Sabine Clappaert

Sabine has more than 20 years of corporate experience leading teams in international matrix organizations. As a coach, she supports clients in the pharma/biotech, automotive, energy, industrial and financial services sectors in EMEA, the Americas and Asia.  As a child, Sabine grew up in South Africa during the apartheid years.

We enjoy working with her because she is a keynote at driving change in complex business environments and because she switches smoothly between the hats of consultant, coach and team coach.

Kris Vanhoof

Kris combines a background as a civil engineer and over 20 years of management experience in international companies with groups from diverse cultures (North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe) with a special passion for leadership development. As an executive and team coach, Kris guides leaders, managers and specialists in their transformation towards natural and synergetic leadership.

Furthermore, Kris is a trainer of several ICF-certified training programs in coaching, team coaching and systemic coaching. 

Tim de Nordwall

Tim is a passionate and skilled workshop facilitator and team coach.  From his role as (interim) Learning & Development (L&D) manager within various international companies and sectors, Tim immediately thinks along with the organization. From his experience, he knows how to ask the right questions to quickly get to the essence and propose an appropriate approach, as in moment to move with the needs of the group/team and flexibly deploy what is needed to get them from A to B. He developed a particular specialization in international collaboration and cultural differences.

Tim is originally English-speaking but is equally fluent in Dutch and French.

Peter Coun

Peter Coun

Peter has been active throughout his career in the retail, consumer goods and services sectors, always in a marketing or communications role. Each time he found himself in the middle of a company’s transition phase.

From his experience, Peter immediately makes the link between the challenge of a team or organization and the depth structure of that organization. Through courses in Mental Resilience, Personal Training and Organizational Coaching he developed more insight into the different dynamics within a person, team and company.

From the vision that an organization is a living system, in which today’s complex problems can no longer be solved in a linear way, he immediately dives into depth via sense-making.


Luc Limère

Luc gets to know you as a balanced and bespectacled coach, inspirer and navigator. His experience spans +20 years of intensive work with thousands of leaders and dozens of teams, from board members and management teams to operational teams, often in international contexts.
He has a remarkable way of bringing together insights and awareness, body, mind and soul in a powerful mix to meet today’s business challenges.

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