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Elke Van Hoorweghe voor de muur

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Elke Van Hooreweghe


As a leadership coach and trainer, Elke ‘boosts’ leaders in profit and non-profit organizations in increasing their effectiveness, impact, self-knowledge and people management skills.

She supports leaders and their teams to respond more agile to the demands of their organization and context, communicate better and collaborate more efficiently. In addition, Elke is passionate about working with Core Talents of leaders and team members. She creates individual analyses of intrinsic motivation + strengths + potential that are immediately applicable to leaders, managers and professionals in the context of career development, succession planning, job matching and job (re)design, team dynamics, talent management and prevention of burn-out, bore-out, Peter Principle, demotivation. Each helps provide answers to crucial questions such as:

  • How do I keep my team resilient?
  • How do I create job satisfaction despite challenges?
  • What development plan is likely to succeed?
  • Which plan is “set up for failure”?
  • What is my potential and how far can I go? 
  • What gives or costs me energy, and why?
  • What is a smart next step?
  • What is a bad choice? What kind of job & tasks suit me and which don’t?








As a leadership coach and facilitator, Elke brings leaders to a higher level of effectiveness, impact and self-knowledge. Improving the connection between leaders and their teams to respond together nimble and agile to the demands of their environment is her specialty.

She is committed to flexible collaboration in growth and change. In addition, from her medical-science background, she specializes in empowering people physically, mentally and emotionally to master the speed and complexity of today’s workplace. Mental focus, physical resilience and emotional self-regulation are the key pillars for long-term successful and harmonious performance.

Her diverse background is without a doubt a great asset:

  1. medical,
  2. scientific,
  3. industry & HR.


Moreover, she works on 3 levels in parallel:

Deploy strengths and compensate for weaknesses to respond quickly and agile as an individual.

Leverage strengths and compensate for weaknesses in each other to move agile and fast as a team in the face of change.

And this relative to organizational purpose and growth


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