Notice the Difference!
notice the difference team

Elke Van Hooreweghe

Transformational Leadership Coach & Trainer

Nadja Talpaert

Transformational Leadership Coach & Trainer

Evi Van Gestel

Office Manager

What makes us tick?

Our dream

The vision of Notice the Difference! is to create a world in which leaders maximize their potential and achieve extraordinary results together.

We engage in high-quality training and coaching programs that take leaders and their teams to a significantly higher level, sharpen their leadership capabilities, overcome business challenges and achieve sustainable growth. We encourage a mindset of continuous learning, self-reflection, authenticity and strategic action.

Who we are

Get to know us

Both managing partners, Nadja Talpaert and Elke Van Hooreweghe, combine extensive executive coaching experience, industry knowledge and leadership insight to drive transformative change within teams and organizations. Their diverse backgrounds, including medical expertise, international training and coaching certifications, make them valuable assets to any organization seeking to optimize leadership potential, talent acquisition and strategic growth.

Their passion for empowering individuals and teams, combined with their commitment to continuous learning and improvement, make them a trusted partner in driving success.

What do we stand for?

This makes us 'different'

Our values

We believe in the power and added value of a strong connection with each other in the workplace, with our customers and with other colleagues in the marketplace. This means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are one! We see human beings as holistic. We are ego AND soul, body AND brain, thoughts AND emotions. We harness all these intelligences for results.

From this connection with all that is, we stand for coherence and congruence. What you see, is what you get! That also means powerful vulnerability. From self-knowledge and self-reflection, we go for self-reliance, self-actualization and self-empowerment.

We encourage taking ownership and staying in your own power despite circumstances. Everything you need is already there.

We make the out-of-the-ordinary difference in our pursuit of results. We facilitate impact on business, society, personal growth and stronger relationships.

If you really want change!

How do we do that in practice?

We are straightforward, transparent and explicit about what we can and cannot do and in what way we will answer your question. When necessary, we co-create with other experts because we set high standards for our work.

Professionalism goes hand in hand with modesty and courage.

We start from the growth mindset and tune into the field of possibilities. Therefore, we continue to invest very heavily in our own knowledge and development.

We bring oxygen to organizations. From the desire, passion and energy to take on fun projects and explore new avenues, we fuel the fire in others.

Warning: our drive often works contagiously!

Our history

The journey

The consortium Notice the Difference! was founded in January 2011. As of 2019, Nadja and Elke make up its core. In 2022, they welcome Evi as office manager.

The Rune in our logo, bears the name raidô, which can be translated as ‘journey, wheel, riding and insight.’ It encompasses both movement and direction.

Raido also refers to your life journey, to change and action, and it represents the cycle of life. Exactly what we accomplish in our processes of executive coaching, with teams and in organizations, with or without the help of horses.

Rune steen Raido

Our mission is to positively transform people and organizations, inspire authentic and effortless leadership and drive organizational success.

To this end, we create a learning environment that empowers leaders and their teams to excel in their personal and professional lives.



We believe in the power and added value of a strong connection with each other, on the shop floor, with our customers and with other colleagues in the market. This means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are one!


We see human beings as holistic. We are ego and soul, body and brain, thoughts and emotions. We deploy all these intelligences for results.

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