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Nadja en Elke aan tafel buiten

a journey with yourself and your team

Leader of your team


Well-functioning teams click together like a puzzle and are necessary for maximum contribution to the organization’s purpose.

However, a team is a systemic whole that is constantly in motion and whose dynamics are a delicate matter. Themes that can prevent a team from developing to its full potential include:
insecurity, lack of trust, fear of conflict, hardly daring to call each other to account for commitment, little alignment with a common goal, external influences that increase the pressure, …

In an atmosphere of trust, we restore the connection with each other. We teach the team to express what is really going on, focus on the talents and potential of each team member, and put their noses and hearts in the same direction.

We literally and figuratively distance ourselves from the work environment and organize the team coaching in an appropriate setting. Participants are invited to look at themselves and recognize their role in the team.

We encourage personal input from experiential interventions and provide a theoretical framework where necessary. We make tensions and turmoil discussable and actively work towards a shared and inspiring vision of the future with a focus on the team’s “why” or raison d’être.

Nadja en Elke bij de deur

Team coaching

Tailored to your team

We work in a context of trust and openness so that we have an eye and ear for each other, can build on each other’s talents & input and know how to compensate for each other’s lesser strengths. We organize targeted interventions that include drafting a concrete trust charter, timeline conversations, table or paper systemic constellations to map team dynamics, coaching with the help of horses, simulations using an actor, Core Talent Analysis, world cafes, creativity tools, etc.

This will give you insights into your team dynamics.

Long-term feedback

& follow-up sessions

Translation to the workplace

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