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leadership essentials

tailored basic and advanced courses

Leadership essentials

Leading a team means being very clear about the WHAT, leaving room for the HOW, and encouraging collaboration in every possible way. Do you feel that there is untapped potential in this regard? In our programs, we provide hands-on learning experiences in constructive modules that physically, mentally, emotionally, and systemically prepare you for effective leadership. This gives participants a flying start and an efficient ramp-up in people skills, communication skills, giving and receiving feedback skills, and building team members’ competences. Our training is practical and immediately challenge team members to apply what they learn to real life situations. Our modules are concise and efficient. No 2 or 3-day sessions, but rather short learning sessions of half a day, to maximum 1 day, with individual follow-up and a buddy system.

Basic leadership

Based on our experience, the optimal progression for experts transitioning into leadership roles involves the following key elements:

  1. Self-awareness is the cornerstone for building connections with others.
  2. Advanced communication skills.
  3. Adaptive leadership.
  4. Having a foundational understanding of team dynamics and the ability to guide teams.
  5. Coaching skills

Advanced track

When leaders aspire to further develop their leadership skills and/or guide their teams through transitions, we focus on these themes:

  1. Steadfast self-leadership in changing environments,

  2. Developing your team,

  3. Connect through communication

  4. Basic mediation,

  5. Inspiring and leading through change.

“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and then let them surprise you with their results.”

(George Patton)


Management learning track

Our training sessions offer profound insights and techniques on effective management. We tailor our program towards the specific needs and priorities of your organization.

Trust and safety

Self-reflection and awareness regarding interaction and team guidance are fundamental components.

Anchoring and work forms

To obtain optimal results, we alternate preparatory work, workshops, peer coaching sessions, and individual coaching moments over time. 



In select learning sessions, we call on the expertise of a professional actor to elevate and deepen the learning experience. Participants engage with their own cases, immersing themselves in genuine, real-life scenarios, and promptly receiving valuable constructive feedback.


Managers are empowered and motivated to transform their newfound insights into tangible actions. Starting the very next day, they already lead with more  impact.

Possible building blocks

A curated set of essential  leadership  skills that every leader has to master if they want to lead a team with impact and less effort: Learning how to delegate;  adapting your leadership style to the situation;  building trust quickly; coachint skills; giving feedback and having courageous conversations;  constructive problem-solving; effective communication;  activating/empowering teams; navigating teamwork pitfalls; team dynamics; resilience cultivation, conflict management.

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