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Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Nadja Talpaert


Nadja is a warm as well as down-to-earth and goal-oriented coach, who seamlessly weaves confrontation and affirmation together. Her focused questioning and conscious confrontation style contribute to accelerated awareness and self-development in the coachee.

With the specific development objective always in mind, she allows them to conduct guided reflection and explore other perspectives or courses of action. Nadja’s own personal career path both in business and HR, allows her to quickly empathize with very diverse business environments and issues.  As an executive coach, she works on very diverse aspects of leadership and self-management.  Themes that come up recurrently include: impact and influence, dosage in presence, setting boundaries and all aspects of clear and powerful communication. When appropriate, she also uses a horse as a mirror for the coachee’s behavior, actions and inner attitude. Like no other, horses directly, honestly and openly reflect the impact of your actions, behaviors and attitudes on others, without judging them.

Using targeted interventions, she lets the coachee, together with her horse Gin, experience what works and how things can be done differently.  And above all, what it can yield for the individual, the employees, the manager and other stakeholders in professional or personal life if you lead from your own powerful core, your authentic self.


Nadja combines a broad experience in leadership and consulting with over twenty years of experience in individual leadership coaching. Common thread through it all is her love for humans and animals/horses.

Executive coaching

Notice the Difference! coaches executives and c-level managers in their growth process and is committed to authentic, sustainable, effortless and effective leadership. Executives choose coaching with Notice the Difference! because they receive an honest and respectful sounding board. We take a critical but loving look at yourself as a professional and as a person, take stock of your personal qualities and blockages and together map out a growth path to expand your consciousness by reaching back to your own essence.

(Systemic) Team coaching

Notice the Difference! coaches teams towards greater connection, trust and effective collaboration. From a preliminary intake with the leader of the team and possibly other additional stakeholders, we look at the dynamics of the team, both above and below the waterline, and in co-creation work out an appropriate program in relation to the intended goal.

The core of systemic coaching lies in the fact that we look at the bigger picture, as well as the coherence of the parts of the system.  Equine interventions are also systemic by definition.

Intervision Coaching

Notice the Difference! coaches groups and teams in a safe framework to learn on-the-job from and with each other. We bring small groups together and use the intervision methodology to work through actual, and preferably hot, cases in which employees are stuck.  In this way, we invite participants to grow in autonomy and self-management. We also often use intervision coaching to anchor and deepen what has been learned after training or as part of various learning processes.

Intervision coaching is the tool of choice to strengthen and support ‘enabling leadership’ within your organization.

Horse Assisted coaching

Notice the Difference! together with its partner Kivik challenges individuals and teams to test their leadership or collaboration by leading a horse or herd. You get instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t, can experiment with alternative behaviors without judgment, and immediately test where that gets you and what it requires of you.  In the past, many a world leader had his horse lead him; Alexander the Great, Buddha, Georges Washington, Ronald Reagan, … what about you?

Stress-en burn-out coaching

Notice the Difference! assists people in finding a healthy balance between load and load.  We like to do that preventively to avoid co-workers going into stress or when they return to work after a leave of absence and want to find a new balance for themselves.

In periods of real burnout, we like to refer for specific medical and psychological guidance to our partner Kivik, where Dr. Annemieken Van Reepingen (MD) has developed a specialization.

Komt een paard...

Together with Dr. Annemieken Van Reepingen (MD), Nadja Talpaert wrote the book ‘Komt een paard in de boardroom – wat paarden kunnen vertellen over leiderschap’, published by Lannoo Campus in 2020 and now already in its 3rd printing. In this book, horses share their extremely powerful formula for flourishing and growing as leaders, both in your personal and professional life. Using anecdotal examples of leaders from the business and nonprofit sectors, the horses tell how they experience leadership in people.

Floreren en groeien


Volgers uit vrije wil

Horses are experts in leadership. They have survived on our planet for millions of years longer than we humans have, successfully, and in team. Leadership for them creates followers by choice.  Discover the formula! And experience how horses can empower your leadership in the boardroom.

Discover what you too can learn from horses!

Are you curious about what horses can tell you about your leadership? We would like to invite you to come and experience exactly that.  In this short workshop, you will work with a horse in a leadership exercise and discover, together with some other participants, where you can strengthen your leadership.

Leader of your own life, leader of a team or leader within your organization?

How small or how big does not matter in the expectations placed on you and the skills you can develop to be stronger in this.  In this 1-day workshop you will put your finger on your leadership pulse and in a limited group and with the help of our horses you can personally experiment how things can be done differently and more efficiently. One day workshop including workbook.

Connection & Environment

In this first module, we will work with the first 2 elements of our Catalyst Leadership C.O.D.E.

With our Discover Your B.E.S.T.E. Self System, you will experience how to stay in your power, fully connected to who you are, and how to lead others from that powerful position. 

In our C.L.E.A.N. Communication System we give you efficient methods to keep your finger on the pulse of your team and organization, but also of what is still going on around them.  It will allow you to continue to take care of yourself more and better and thus feel happier day in and day out.

Direction & Engagement.

In this second module we will work on the following 2 elements of our Catalyst Leadership C.O.D.E.

In ‘Your Vision Quest’ we will search for your clear vision to continue to lead your life, team and organization from there instead of being lived. You will again be able to set the right priorities, make focused and efficient decisions while leaving more time for yourself.

In ‘The Engaged Movement Formula’ you will discover how you can get and keep yourself and your employees moving in an inspiring way, flexibly moving with what comes.

Would you like to be individually and personally guided in your growth trajectory towards stronger and more efficient leadership?  We will gladly work out a proposal tailored to your needs based on a personal intake. Where and when these sessions take place, we determine in consultation and in function of your agenda.

Thanks to the horses, you will learn to lead in a powerful way, which will lead to enthusiastic and motivated team members in your organization.

  • You will develop your personal and authentic leadership through the interaction with the horses and the interpretation by fellow participants and trainers.


  • You will discover what is already working in your leadership style and where it is faltering, using the mirror that the horses offer you.


  • You will work individually on your leadership challenges so that your impact as a leader grows.

You learn to balance your energy optimally so that you come to sustainable leadership.

Would you like a tailor-made proposal?

Drop us a line and we will contact you soon.