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Learning from and with each other



In our new world of work, self-reliant teams and employees are increasingly important.  Agile organizations float on employees who continue to develop and alternately take on the roles of challenger, coach and creator from a highly empowered leadership and network.  And as a leader of these teams, you just want to maximize engagement and empowerment. That’s exactly what you do with intervision!  Intervision coaching contributes substantially to creating this learning organizational culture.

With intervision coaching, we provide organizations with a low-threshold approach to learning from and with each other from their own reality.  Employees, managers and directors are given tools to look at work-related problems in a different way, to thoroughly question and advise each other. 

This leads to increasing autonomy, self-awareness and self-management. And so intervision coaching also contributes to stimulating the learning organization and to creating a coaching culture within your company.

We can count on an extensive network of certified intervision coaches who represent us locally all over the country.

Intervision coaching training

If you wish to systematically deploy intervision coaching as part of your development mix, it can be a considerable added value to offer a number of internal employees a professional training to become an intervision coach. Depending on your needs, we are happy to develop a program tailored to your organization. During this training we elaborate on the attitude and skills of the intervision coach and how to set up a intervision process within the organization. We also discuss current intervision work methods and get to work with them in a practical way. If desired, we will advise and assist you in the implementation of Intervision Coaching as a delevopment tool in your organization.

After successful completion of this training you are a certified intervision coach. Our 3-day training is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and entitles you to 26 Continuing Coach Education Units; 18 CCEUs in Core Competencies and 8 CCEUs in Resource Development.

We deliver this training both customized within your company or in open offerings through HRD Academy.

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