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Are you an executive or C-level manager seeking a supportive yet challenging partner for your personal and strategic growth? Do you sometimes receive feedback about learned skill that you have not yet put into action or about interpersonal skills that could be improved? Clarifying what your personal motivations and beliefs are, and adjust them where appropriate, is key in becoming an improved version of your true self.

As an executive and C-level manager, we guide you through your personal and professional journey. We place an emphasis on effortless, sustainable, and effective leadership. We will provide you honest, and respectfull feeback. We will take a critical yet loving look at you as a professional and as a person, assessing your personal strengths and weaknesses. From there, we collaboratively chart a growth path to broaden your awareness by reconnecting with your own essence and strengthening your connection with your inner compass.

We empower leaders by providing intensive and individual 1-on-1 guidance, based on commonly defined development objectives. We approach these objectives without judgment and with the required curiosity and light-heartedness, in order to uncover root causes and to develop an action plan to alter the outcomes. We, literally and figuratively,  distance ourselves from work by conducting our coachings in a calm and inspiring environment, which encourages introspection and action- taking. 

Alongside her partner Kivik, Nadja invites individuals and teams to assess their leadership and  collaboration skill by taking a go at leading a horse or herd. A horse serves as the ideal mirror because effective leadership is what they seek to survive or thrive. You receive instant feedback on what does and doesn’t work. You can experiment with alternative behavior, without judgment, and test on the spot what it takes to be an effective leader and what the effects are. Many world leaders were guided by their horse, including Alexander the Great, Buddha, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, … will you?

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